Vitaly Tulin

a/k/a tulvit


Location: St. Petersburg, Russia (gmt +3, local time 02:31 am)
Languages: Russian (native), English (intermediate), French (beginner)
Education: M.S. in Computer Science

Over 10 years in the web industry. Hundreds of sites, dozens of niches. Not a full-time worker, more like an entrepreneur, an independent web developer, a freelancer. Always quite free and on vacation. Always quite busy with no weekends. At the same time.

Full stack, literally. From a pure idea, and up to a server administration, front/back end development, content management, SEO/SMM, monetization, etc. Or, in other words, full product lifecycle, where, for instance, server programming and FB fan page maintenance - are just a two different sides of the same coin.

The obvious disadvantage of this attitude is that I'm not a real "pro" in any given field, not even close. And the advantage is that I can solve a wide range of problems, can think a few steps ahead, can see the whole picture and understand what is really needed.


Linux, Apache, Postfix, MySQL, C++, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, CSS, Sass, BEM, SMACSS, HTML, XML, SVG, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, phpBB, SMF, drush, git, twig, xdebug, memprof, PhantomJS, wkhtmltopdf, FFmpeg, AdSense, AdWords, Amazon, ClickBank, Chitika, MediaNet, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, affiliate marketing, SEO (black/grey/white hat), SMO/SMM, design, responsive/adaptive design, usability, UX, blogging, management, support... you name it


OS: Ubuntu/Debian (desktop/servers)
Stack: LAMP
CMS: Drupal
IDE: Geany Visual Studio Code
Version control: git
FTP manager: Nautilus, FileZilla


Hobbies: fishing, music (button accordion, piano, harmonica), art (drawing/painting)
Games: Texas hold'em, chess, Quake
Music artists: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Bryan Ferry, Michael Jackson, Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Boney M, Army of Lovers, Aqua, Miss 600, Berryz Koubou, Mireille Mathieu, Joe Dassin, Patricia Kaas, Francoise Hardy, Zaz, Alizée




The home of stand-up comedy on the Internet. Great opportunities for starting comedians to gain audience and popularity.



The place where non-native English learners master their English. Education social network with tons of helpful tools.



A personal project. In some sense, a public marathon/challenge, where I'm trying to learn drawing from the very beginning.

Worked with

TimeNDime Women In Development 3 Red Squares MacroActive Building Muscle 101 Inspire Massimo Amici Acaluma Films FriedCrickets Jason Oddy Beltway To The Bay Made 4 Maids

...and dozens more.


Absolutely awesome to work with! Competent, fast and efficient. I'd recommend Vitaly any day. He went well beyond what was required and communicated his every move so there was no confusion. His instructions were easy to follow despite my lack of programming knowledge. Count me impressed!

Vitaly was fast and expertly finished the job. It was an urgent project and Vitaly did everything I needed him to do without any problems. I plan on hiring him again for future projects.

Vitaly is one of the BEST programmers I've had the pleasure of working with. He is very knowledgable and skilled in javascript. Unlike many workers who just want to get paid and will do the bare minimum job, he went above and beyond for this project and gave me much more help and support than I asked for. He tested his completed scripts multiple times. He made sure I was 100% satisfied with the project before even asking for payments. Highly recommended!

The first 3 freelancers that I hired to do my project failed. Vitaly succeeded. He has a great attention to details and the skills to implement. He is very honest and clear about what he does know and does not know. Very refreshing. I highly recommend using Vitaly.

Vitaly Tulin is the best contractor I have had the pleasure to work with. He offers the skills and professionalism necessary to complete the task on-time and exceeded my every expectation. Great job... well done!

Vitaly was very flexible and willing to try different things until I was happy. Great guy.